Photo of James Collins and his dog

Photo of James Collins and his dog

Welcome to my website. In Pet Portraits UK you can find a selection of some of the paintings and drawings of dogs I have been asked to produce in the last ten years or so.

Most of my portraits are commissioned from the UK but I also receive orders from Ireland, America and Australia. (I'm still waiting for one from New Zealand!). I work in watercolour, gouache, pencil, pen and ink and lately in pastel and coloured pencil. I feel lucky that I am able to combine my main interests - art and dogs. In my other website Scottish Pet Portraits you can see, in addition to dogs, pictures of cats, horses, wild animals, boats, cars and houses.

If you would like a painting or drawing of your dog, cat, horse, or even your house or vintage car, just send me one or more photos by email or post. The better the photo the better the result will be. You're welcome to ring me on 01309 641556 or 0790 6566 431 to discuss the project. I can usually finish a picture in about two weeks. I'll need a deposit of 20% and you'll receive a proof to OK before you pay the balance. The artwork will arrive by guaranteed post the next morning.

Some of my work is available as A4 and A3 prints on Facebook. See https://www.facebook.com/collinsprints

James Collins BA(Hons)Fine Art